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Facial Aesthetics

Our skin ages over time and our lifestyle reflects the aging process. With new and improved technology and skin care, wrinkles are becoming easier to control. With the evolving industry in skin care and aesthetics, we can see a dramatic difference in our skin’s appearance with facial aesthetics. Facial aesthetics are special techniques provided by nonsurgical treatments that help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our providers specialize in facial treatment in Jupiter. These are two specific types of facial aesthetics treatments that our skin care specialists in Jupiter, Florida offer to our patients.

Botulism Toxin and Fillers

We use a highly effective treatment called Botulism toxin. It was first approved in 2002. Since then it has become the most accepted temporary wrinkle remover available. We inject it in the muscles’ contracting areas, such as between the eyebrows and forehead (crows feet). These injections bring relaxation to the muscles in those areas so the wrinkle can be successful filled with a derma filler to eliminate the the evidence of wrinkles.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found within the skin. Our Derma filler is a nonsurgical, safe treatment to smooth fine lines and wrinkles while replenishing your skin’s natural elasticity. Each application last from six to twelve months and discomfort is minimal.

We also provide a cosmetic fill made of calcium-based substances, Radiesse, that suspend in water-based gel. Each injection provides continuous support over time, stimulating the body to produces its own collagen growth.

Our Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Cording, has extensive training and experience in injectables and is our facial aesthetics provider. She has a wealth of knowledge on the correct filler for your particular needs. She prides herself on creating a more youthful appearance with botulism toxin and dermal fillers as both an art and a science.

Amanda Cording MSN, ARNP-BC

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