It’s the start of another beautiful holiday season. While we are gathering together with family this year, keep in mind that you don’t need to feel guilty for indulging in the once-a-year family recipes. Many Americans worry about gaining weight over the holidays and there may be some truth to it. But you can be conscious and health-focus without sitting on the sidelines. These health-conscious tips will encourage you to enjoy your holiday season while keeping healthy.

Healthy Snacking at Work

It seems as though the holidays start right after October. And that means an influx of cookies, baked goods, unhealthy sweets, and working overtime at the office. Unhealthy snacking can lead to weight gain. According to a recent study, it comes down to satiety, or the “feeling full” effect after eating. Snacks are made from a variety of foods that have a tendency to make us ‘feel full’ without actually offering the nutrients that we need. This holiday season, when it may be tempting to grab the candied nuts from the candy dish, have your own stash of trails or granola that you can snack on that will offer the health benefits withouts the empty calories and sugar. And if you need tips and advice on tasty and healthy snacks for work, contact your healthcare provider in Jupiter for help.

Bring It!

Holiday parties aren’t traditional without mom’s famous pumpkin pie or holiday dish! And you can partake without going overboard when you bring your own healthy dishes and save the special desserts or homemade recipes for a small indulgence. Bring a healthy dish to share and eat only the ‘good for you’ foods first. Snack on fruits, veggies and nuts while you wait to have dinner. Furthermore, you may set a positive example to your family and friends who want to lose weight!

Don’t Shop Hungry

Shopping on an empty stomach is a temptatious situation. You want to hurry to get shopping done so you ‘grab something at the mall’ or on the way after work. Prepare your healthy snack or meal before you go shopping, especially when you know you’ll be ‘dashing through the crowd’ on a time restraint. Have it ready for you and your kids and you’ll be satisfied and able to concentrate on what it is that you need rather than emotionally drained from salt or sugar overload. You local health and wellness center in Jupiter, Florida can offer sound guidance and on-the-go snacking examples to help you through the rush.

The holidays can bring on unwanted stress but they don’t have to. You can make choices to live and eat healthy with expert guidance from our professional team of doctors. At Jupiter Family Health, you are family and we take pride in caring for our patients as our own. Let us help you achieve your New Year’s weight loss goals while keeping you on track this holiday season. Contact us today for more information on our Medi-weight Loss Plan!