How Medi-Weightloss can Assist with Your Healthy New Years Resolution

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Health choices are at the top of most peoples’ list of resolutions whether you plan to join a gym or just plan on incorporating more healthy foods into your diet. Each year, 45 million American go on a diet. But only some people actually stick to their diet. If you tried other attempts to lose [...]

Do I Need Hormone Replacement?

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Hormone replacement was once considered to be used just for menopausal patients. But studies show the broad range of benefits that hormone therapy has. Hormone therapy isn’t for everyone. In fact, women under 40 who receive hormone treatments have a greater risk of cancer and other diseases. When you’re looking for hormone therapy in Jupiter, [...]

3 Ways of Healthy Supplementation (Without Taking Supplements)

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Supplements are a beneficial way to add more nutrients into your diet. It can also be an easily dependable way, too. For the most part, you should be getting your key nutrients from whole foods and not just supplements. Are you getting enough nutrients in your diet for correct supplementation? Check with your health care [...]

Tips To Tackle Allergies

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Whether you have allergies to dust or hay fever caused by pollen, allergy symptoms can be equally miserable all year long. Sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes and runny nose can make any day challenging. Although we don’t have a cure for your food or environment allergies but yes, we do have some proven tips which will [...]

Why eating too healthy is unhealthy?

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  Fruits, vegetables, nuts, proteins, good fats, nutrient etc. are all we look for in search of a healthy life. However, some of us are so fixated on adapting to this ‘healthy lifestyle’ idea, that they develop eating disorders (i.e. orthorexia) under the illusion of eating healthy. What is orthorexia? Orthorexia is an obsession with [...]